DIY Easter Bunny Bento Box

Hi guys!
To celebrate Easter, why not prepare an Easter bunny inspired lunchbox now? :)

1. 3/4 cup of rice;
2. Carrot;
3. Mini Roma tomatoes;
Broccoli (and the stem!);

5. An egg;
6. Seaweed (Japanese snack);
7. Chinese sausage & some garlic to stir-fry;
8. Black sesame seeds (optional).

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Seaweed - Image source:

Chinese sausage - Image source: wikimedia

1. Cook the rice;

2. While waiting for the rice to be cooked (in the rice cooker), stir fry the Chinese sausage (diced) with some garlic. Once done, let it cool down;

3. Cut the Roma tomatoes in half and set aside;

4. Cut the broccoli into smaller pieces and cut the leftover stem into about 1/2 cm thickness (so they look like mini broccoli coins). I notice that many people just throw away broccoli stems, but here, we are not going to waste them! 

We then need to cut 2 of the broccoli coins into the following shape, to create the "carrot greens". You can keep the remaining broccoli coins for later.

5. Cut the carrot into half. Then further cut this into 3 different sections. You only need a little bit of this, to create the "mini carrots" look:

6. Boil the carrots and the broccoli and set aside. 

7. Make an omelette, and when it is done, fold it into small little squares (approximately 3cm x 6cm);

8. Cut the seaweed using scissors to create the bunny's features: eyes, nose and lips;

9. Rearrange all the cooked ingredients and the tomatoes however you want. You just need to ensure that the bunny rice is the 'hero' of the bento. That is why I placed it at the centre of the bento box. Don't forget to stick the seaweed eyes, nose and lips on to the bunny's face!

Voila! You have your own bento now. :) 

Personal tips:
1. You may substitute the Chinese sausage with any types of stir fry that you want; 

2. I used black sesame seeds as the eyelashes for my bunny, but you can use seaweed as well if you don't have any at home;

3. You may use big pink sprinkles as the bunny's blush;

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If you are going to try this project, please let me know how you go. Tag me on instagram and don't forget to hashtag #ALTFDIY so it is easier for me to find. :)In case you are wondering what the hashtag stands for, it is "aLittleTooFreeDIY".

I hope you guys like this post and find it inspiring!

This is the video tutorial:

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