DIY Easy Jewellery Dish

Hi guys!
I am so sorry that I have been MIA for a while. I went for my celebratory-post-CA-completion Europe/Singapore trip for 3 weeks in October with my mom and my best friend. When I came back to Melbourne in late October, I had so much to catch up on (including laundry haha). Therefore, I apologize that I have not been able to keep my promise to update my blog every fortnight.
Anyway, I am back with another DIY tutorial. This time, it's probably one of the easiest projects that I have ever done. For some reason, I have grown to enjoy and love home decorating a lot in the past couple of years. And you guessed it right, this post's inspiration came from my 2 most-sought online sources (read: Instagram and Pinterest). I have an unhealthy obsession with Instagram, and it has become the first thing I check when I wake up, and also the last thing I look at before I travel to the dreamland.
So, let me present you my DIY jewellery dish tutorial. The main function of this dish is for me to store my key accessories that I wear almost every day.

1. A plain white dish;
2. A toy / any item that you feel like using for the jewellery dish centrepiece (that is white in colour);
3. Gold paint;
4. Glue gun.

These are the salt and pepper shakers that I received from my friend's wedding favour. I don't use them, so I figure I could make use of them rather than just keeping them in the storage. :)

1. Mark the centre of your dish as a point of reference of where you want the "toy" to be placed;

2. Apply some glue at the bottom of your toy / centrepiece using the hot glue gun, and stick it to the centre of the dish that you marked previously;

3. Apply some gold paint in random polkadot patterns. You may paint the gold polkadots twice if you wish. Wait for the paint to dry and voila!

Personal tips:
1. If you do not have any centrepiece that is white in colour, you can always spray paint your centrepiece white. 

The same goes for the dish: If you have an old dish that you wish to recycle but it isn't white, you can always spray paint the dish white. 
Don't forget to allow for drying time before you glue your centrepiece and paint the gold polkadots if you are going to do this;

2. Like what I did, you may wish to outline / draw the random polkadots on the dish first before you actually add the gold paint onto the dish.

Doing so will help to create a much neater polkadots, unless you are going for the messy look;

3. To speed up the drying process of the gold polkadots paint, you may wish to use a hairdryer;

4. If you don't have glue gun, you may use superglue instead.

If you are going to try this project, please let me know how you go. Tag me on instagram and don't forget to hashtag #ALTFDIY so it is easier for me to find. :)In case you are wondering what the hashtag stands for, it is "aLittleTooFreeDIY".

I hope you guys like this post and find it inspiring!

The setting - along with other items I have at home (Motivational quote frame and glitter candle are also DIY's):

This is the video tutorial:

Instagram: @fragilekuromi
Pinterest: @fragilekuromi
Youtube: alittletoofree
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