REVIEW: Laneige White Plus Renew skincare range

Hi guys!

I have never done any product review posts since this blog is up and running.
Therefore here I am, writing a skincare product review for Laneige's White Plus Renew range. 
You may have a look at my review regarding the product on the video below, but I will list out everything (and more) in this post if you are lazy to watch the video. 

The whole range itself consists of:
1. Cleanser
2. Skin refiner
3. Emulsion
4. Eye treatment
5. Essence
6. Night cream
And they need to be used in order to ensure visible results. 
The details of the skincare range is listed on this website: LANEIGE.SG

However, I only got three items out of the whole range:
1. Skin refiner (RRP A$33-A$39.70)
2. Emulsion (RRP A$36-$43.40)
3. Night cream (RRP A$55-A$67.30)
I highly suggest that you guys go on different websites and check the pricing of these products if you are really interested in getting them, as the promotions on each online shop could be different. I got mine from as they had the cheapest price at that time when I ordered.

And here they are..

Packaging comments:
1. Looks cool and reminds me of snow, very chilly and it gives me the impression that the product will leave a very refreshing feeling to your skin;
2. Bottles for skin refiner and emulsion are made of glass, therefore quite heavy and not travel-friendly, but I guess you could always transfer the product into small little jars / containers for travelling;
3. The bottle lid for Skin Refiner and Emulsion is made up of clear acrylic plastic, so they could easily crack if they are not handled with care (especially when placed inside a luggage during flights, or even when they bottles got delivered to you via post etc);
4. The bottles are not clear, so it is hard to gauge how much product that is left to be used / when is the trigger point to re-order (if you are ordering online).

This manual/instruction note also came in the box / packaging for each item in the range.

Product claims:
"Whitening care for bright, spotless skin."
Therefore, I would not recommend this product to those who are looking to have sun-kissed / tanned skin.

Product reviews:
1. Skin refiner
This is the first step to be used out of the product range, and it can be used during daytime and night time, which is why I believe it has a similar function with a toner. However the skin refiner has a much thicker (and richer) consistency than a toner. It is almost gel-like. Having said that, the product does not feel sticky when applied to my skin, and it helps to moisturise the dry patches on my face. 

I personally find it a little bit frustrating to get the product out of the bottle, due to its thick consistency, so you will have to shake the bottle a few times before you can get your desired amount onto the cotton pad.

When applied to my skin, it gives a refreshing feeling and it smells really wonderful too.

2. Emulsion
This is the second step and it claims to even up skin texture and skin tone. Two pumps of the emulsion should be enough to be applied onto the whole face as the product glides quite easily and it is very watery and light. 

After applying this, my skin normally will feel as if it has just quenched its thirst. This emulsion (and the other two products I got) really helps to moisturise my skin without making it feel oily or sticky.   

The emulsion has a similar lovely smell to the Skin Refiner. I guess it makes sense as they are from the same range. :p

3. Night cream
Night creams are notorious for being very rich in general. And by rich I mean oily. And by oily I mean you wake up looking like a frying pan in the morning. 

However, the night cream from the White Plus Renew range is fairly light and it gets absorbed to my skin easily. It does not leave an oily feeling to my skin at all. What I love the most is the feeling I have in the morning when I wash my face. It just feels so soft and supple.

Laneige claims that the night cream is also an anti-wrinkle agent. Even so, I still apply eye cream separately. And I do not know how effective the night cream is against wrinkles. Maybe I shall do an updated post in 3 years' time!

Side effects 
Almost all products in this White Plus Renew range are claimed to be made using MelaCrusher Technology which assists in promoting the self-destruction of melanin pigments. As such, it claims to keep the skin bright and healthy. However, when I did my research, I found out that having too little melanin could cause sunburns (and skin cancer if severe) in a very sunny and high UV environment. I suggest that you apply sunscreen during daytime if you are to use this product range. 

I know it sounds scary, but so far I personally do not have any issues with sunburnt after using the products for 6 months, considering Melbourne (like most cities in Australia) is notorious for having high UV index. However it could be also attributed to the fact that I am only using these skincare range at night, and I always apply sunscreen before I leave the house. I personally do not think anything severe will happen to your skin if you start using this skincare range, but this is just a good knowledge to keep at the back of your mind.

Overall rating:
7.5/10, as I could see improvements on my skin and it has brighten overall - which is in line with what Laneige claims the product range will do.

And I have to say, many people have since complimented on how much my skin has improved when I started using this skincare range. :) If you ask me which of the 3 items has the most impact on my skin, I really do not have an answer! I used all these products together instead of one by one. Maybe it is also the overall effect of combining the three that gives me the result.

Will I repurchase?

Here's the youtube review if you are still interested to watch:



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