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In this post, I am going to share my tips on how to personalise your gift wraps. Think about it, if you buy a specific gift wrap paper for a specific person, chances are you will not going to use the same gift wrap for someone else who has a totally different personality! For example, a pink floral gift wrap paper you bought for your girlfriend might not look very appropriate for your dad! ;) So, if you don't like that scenario happening to you, you may like this idea that I am going to share below. ;)

My friend who received this gift was very touched and did not want to unwrap it when she received it. She ended up taking a photo of it before she actually unwrapped the present at home! How cute.

1. A roll of brown craft paper;
2. A sharpie / black marker;
3. Some ribbons.

1. Imagine the brown craft paper is a piece of blank canvas; Be a artist and draw some objects that represents the person who is going to receive the gift; 
2. When you're done, wrap the present like how you normally wrap any other presents;
3. Decorate with ribbons as you wish.

Personal tips:
1. If you don't like drawing / not very confident with your drawing skills, you may write Happy Birthday greetings in different languages on the 'canvas'. I cannot stress this enough, but if you are unfamiliar with those languages, make sure you double check when you finish writing. Refer to my Youtube video at the bottom of this post for an example of my failed attempt.

Otherwise, you can just simply draw repetitive symbols (for example asterisks or heart shapes) instead. 

Image source:

You may also wish to add recycled newspapers as decorations if you really don't like the Sharpie idea.

Image source:

2. Feel free to use other materials to draw on the brown paper apart from the sharpies; The link below actually shows you how to do the paint splatter artwork. 

Image source:

Youtube video:

If you are going to try this project, let me know how you go. Don't forget to tag me on instagram and add a hashtag "ALTFDIY" which stands for "a little too free DIY".

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