DIY Kanpai's Creamy Buttered Teppanyaki

My version of Kanpai's Creamy Buttered Teppanyaki

It has been such a long time since I last went to Kanpai! For those who are unfamiliar with Kanpai, it is one of the popular Japanese restaurants here in Melbourne. My all-time favourite menu from that restaurant is their "Mixed Teppanyaki", which is basically a main dish that consists of grilled meat, seafood and vegetables, drizzled in creamy garlic sauce. I like to have this dish with a bowl of steamed rice. In this post, I am going to share my version of Kanpai's Creamy Buttered Teppanyaki.

Before I get onto that, this is what it looks like when you order the dish at the restaurant:

A picture tells a thousand words. I am almost salivating just by looking at the photo. Look at that glorious creamy sauce! I tend to not leave any sauce on the plate when I order this dish. I must say this is not the healthiest meal, but it tastes so delicious.

Recipe (serves 2):
1. Rice (1 cup);

2. 1/2 can of luncheon meat (sliced);

3. 1/2 carrot (diced);

4. 250 gr spinach;

5. 250 gr sliced beef;

6. 200 gr bean sprouts;

Image source: Flickr

7. three cloves of garlic, diced finely;
8. 2 tbsp unsalted butter;

9. approx. 300 ml thickened cream;

10. some salt for seasoning.

1. Cook the rice in the rice cooker;

2. Add some water to a pot, and bring it to a boil. Add the bean sprouts to the boiling water, and let it cook for a few minutes until they are no longer crunchy. Drain the boiled bean sprouts and set them aside. Remove the water, and repeat the same process for the spinach and also the diced carrots;

3. Add a drizzle of vegetable oil along with little bit of garlic onto a pan. When the garlic turns golden, add the sliced beef. Stir fry until they are cooked evenly. Remove from heat and set aside;

4. Using the same pan again, stir fry the luncheon meat. You do not have to add any oil to the pan as luncheon meat is naturally 'fatty'. The fat on the meat will melt and as soon as it is in contact with a heated pan;

5. By now, you have all the main ingredients ready. It is time to cook the creamy butter sauce! Empty the water from the pot that you used to boil the veggies earlier, then heat it up on the stove to ensure that there is no water left; 

6. Brown the garlic on the pot using the unsalted butter on a low heat. Add the thickened cream and some salt. At this stage the cream will turn fairly watery due to the heat. Reduce the cream until it gets back to the thick consistency. When it is thick enough to your liking, remove from heat;

7. Arrange the steamed rice on the plates, with the sliced beef, luncheon meat, bean sprouts, carrots and spinach on top. Once done, drizzle the creamy butter sauce generously on top;

8. You may wish to add a little bit of chilli powder if you are after something that has a little 'kick'.

Personal tips:
1. You may use the leftover water in the pot (from cooking bean sprouts) to boil the spinach, but I do not recommend using the same water to boil the carrots again - only because spinach leaves a very strong taste to the water, causing the water to turn green-ish after. Unless you fancy green-toned Shrek-inspired carrots that has spinach after-taste, I suggest you change the water before boiling the carrots;

Image source:

2. Be careful about the temperature of the pot when cooking the sauce as cream can burn at high temperature. You should keep it to a low or at most medium simmer;

3. When boiling the spinach, boil them quickly. When you turn off the heat, let the spinach blanch in the hot water to prevent the spinach from yellowing (from boiling it too long);

4. The vegetables were simply boiled because I think it is a trade-off for the 'unhealthy' creamy sauce. I also did not add any seasoning to my boiled veggies and stir-fried meats because my creamy butter sauce was fairly salty. If you are unsure, you can always cook the sauce first and taste it. After that, you can cook the rest of the veggies and meat and decide if you need to add any additional seasoning;

5. Be creative and substitute or add the meat and veggies with anything you like, such as grilled chicken or pork, or seafood such as prawns and fish fillets. You can also add other veggies to the mix e.g. zucchini.
Image source: italiandish

Alright, I have nothing else to say apart from 'Itadakimasu'!! :)

If you are going to try this recipe, let me know how you go. Don't forget to tag me on instagram and add a hashtag "ALTFDIY" which stands for "a little too free DIY".

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  1. the best :) i remember this as one of the best tepan dish in melbourne.

  2. Just by way of FYI , the one glaring mistake you and the others that have tried to replica the Kanpai classic is , IT Does Not contain CREAM!!, good luck

  3. Just By way of FYI , you and the others that have tried to copy this recipe have made one glaring mistake, it doesn't contain CREAM !!, good luck




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