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Hi guys!
Happy belated Lunar New Year ;p I am back with another DIY tutorial. I was inspired to do this tutorial after I ran out of make-up remover myself. A lot of people have tried this and even Michelle Phan had done a tutorial for this a long time ago. Yes, you guess it right! We are going to make our own make-up remover using olive oil.

Olive oil has been long famous for its beauty and other health benefits since ancient times. The Egyptians used olive oil as cleanser, moisturiser and even anti-bacterial agent. Extra virgin olive oil contains anti-oxidants. Who doesn't love that?  
Apart from that, olive oil also contains the same healthy fats as avocado which has vitamin E and A. These vitamins helps to repair our skin from sun damage, cigarette smoke and pollutants.
It also helps to keep our skin moisturised through creating a barrier effect, by trapping the water beneath our skin, which prevents moisture to disappear from our skin. 
All sources of my research re: olive oil are from the following links. You can take a look if you are interested to find out more:

1. Water;
2. Extra virgin olive Oil;
3. Resealable empty jar / bottle.

1. Fill up 2/3 of the bottle with water;
2. Fill up the remaining 1/3 with extra virgin olive oil;
3. Shake well before use;
4. Apply on to cotton pad.

Personal tips:
Use a jar/bottle with smaller opening, so that it is easier to apply (less messy);

2. You may wish to substitute olive oil with almond oil if that is what's available to you. 

I did a research to see if it baby oil can be used as a substitute too. Apparently it is not advised / recommended to do so. The reason is because if it is not removed properly, it will create a film that can trap dirt and bacteria.(Source:

In that case, I suppose you may use baby oil for the rest of your face, but not on the eye area. 

If you are going to try this project, please let me know how you go. Tag me on instagram and don't forget to hashtag #ALTFDIY so it is easier for me to find. :)In case you are wondering what the hashtag stands for, it is "aLittleTooFreeDIY".

I hope you guys like this post and find it inspiring!

This is the video tutorial:

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