DIY Festive Christmas Nails

Hello guys!

I know it is probably a little late to post this nail art tutorial now. But, have you heard of the sayings "Better late than never"? I am so into nail arts these days, especially holiday-themed nails. They are so cute and they add a special touch to enhance the holiday mood.

In this post, I have created a video tutorial on how-to create DIY Festive Christmas Nails. This is the end result:

These other nail arts below are just as cute and you might want to use them as your inspiration. :)
Image source: Be Inspired

Image source:

Image source: Girlshue

Watch my youtube tutorial here:

Personal tips:
1. Use toothpick / match / bobbi pins if you don't have a dotting tool.
2. Always apply base coat before top coat to prevent yellow-ish nail tips.
3. When applying multiple coats of nail polish, make sure one layer is completely dry before adding another to prevent air bubbles from forming.
4. Using a top coat will help your nail art last longer.

Final look:

I'm sorry if the video quality isn't great, I am still trying to work out what is the best way to edit my videos without compromising the quality.
As usual, let me know how you go with this DIY project. Please share them with me by posting the link to your blog on the comments box. Hashtag #ALTFDIY3 if you are posting this on Instagram. This stands for "aLittleTooFreeDIY No.3" :) Don't forget to tag me!

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GOOD LUCK and have a safe and very happy Christmas guys! ;)



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