DIY no-bake bottled chocolate berries

Hi everyone,

Ho Ho Ho.. The festive season is finally here! I seriously feel that this year has gone by too quick. However I guess I could not complain, as December always screams holiday. And holiday makes everyone happy, correct? :)

I am sure many of you are hosting some Christmas parties or have been invited to attend one yourself. You may have got your food menu sorted, but just not quite sure what to serve for dessert. Or maybe, you just have no clue what presents to give this year. Why not personalise it this time and make your own DIY bottled chocolate berries? There is something about chocolate and berries that makes them a really good combo for Christmas desserts. The steps are listed down below.

You will need the following ingredients. I apologize that I do not have the exact measurement for the recipe, as I left my scale at my sister's house.

1. Heavy / thickened cream (approx 300 ml)
2. Frozen berries, thawed (half a packet)
3. Aeroplane jelly (raspberry flavour) (1 box)
4. Rum essence (1 tablespoon)
5. Chocolate melts (approx 180 gr)

And a few clear bottles...
You may substitute these with mason jars or glasses instead.

1. Create the jellies first as this will take 4 hours to set. Follow the instructions on the back of the packaging and it will tell you how much water to add (boiling water and room temperature water) to create raspberry jelly liquid. Once that is done, pour the jelly liquid into the bottles. I used one box of Aeroplane jelly and it was enough for 6 bottles of 2 cm jellies. Place the bottles in the fridge and let them set.

2. Melt the chocolates in the microwave for about 20 seconds and stir. Do this a few times until the chocolates are fully melted.

3. Heat the cream and bring it to boil. When you see bubbles forming, remove it from heat. Add the rum essence, then the melted chocolates (in batches) and stir. When it is all combined, wait until the chocolate cream has cooled down before putting it into the fridge. Chill the chocolate cream until the jellies are fully set.

4. When the jellies are set, pipe the chocolate cream on top of the jellies (approximately 2 cm). If the cream has hardened, just pop it back in the microwave for 3-5 seconds.

5. Add the frozen berries on top of the chocolate cream.

6. Pipe more chocolate cream, focusing on the centre of the bottle.

7. Chop up some marshmallows and add a few on top of the chocolate cream.

8. Using the leftover chocolate cream, drizzle them on top of the marshmallows. You can finish off by adding some sprinkles or hundreds-and-thousands.
Image source: wikimedia

9. Decorate the bottles / jars / glasses however you wish, but I always find craft ribbons do the job very well.

Image source: Glorious Treats

So these are the final results! I made these for my girls when we had our early Christmas dinner gathering last week. I added candy canes too, just so they look more Christmas-y. These are certainly crowd pleaser desserts! :)

Personal tips:
1. Use microwave-safe bowl to melt the chocolates and ensure they are clean (and there is no water on the surface). I recommend Pyrex or ceramic bowl, and don't use plastic bowls as they will retain moisture and will cause the chocolates to seize.
2. You may substitute rum essence with rum liqueur if you already have it at home. I used the essence just because I don't have any liqueur at home.
3. When heating the chocolate, don't put them on pans on top of the stove directly as the chocolates will get burnt.

This image was taken using my friend's Iphone. It was a good idea to do a "Cheers" post!

Let me know how you go with this DIY project, because I would love to see your versions. Please share them with me by posting the link to your blog on the comments box. Hashtag #ALTFDIY2 if you do post this on Instagram. This stands for "aLittleTooFreeDIY No.2" if you are wondering. :) Don't forget to tag me!

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